Neptyne is making spreadsheets programmable

“The best tool available today for exploring real-life questions of quantity and change is the spreadsheet.” — Bret Victor

“The best tool available today for exploring real-life questions of quantity and change is the spreadsheet.” — Bret Victor


We make spreadsheets programmable.

Spreadsheets are what non programmers use to build apps. Spreadsheets are intuitive and easy to extend. Up to a point.

Neptyne turns the spreadsheet into a fully fledged developer platform. Not by adding macros or a restricted scripting language. Not by providing a clumsy API. But by making spreadsheets programmable in Python, the most popular programming language for handling data.

Intrigued to see this magic in action? Fill in the form below and we’ll keep you posted as things develop.


Our mission is to make programming universally accessible and useful. Too many people think writing code is hard and scary. We believe that as our economy transitions from service oriented to data oriented we will all need to be able to manipulate data to get ahead and that writing code is the way to do it.

“In the 21st century we all need to learn how to program.”
– President Obama

In recent years no code and low code efforts have matured; while we appreciate those efforts, we come down on the side of more code. We need better teaching of all engineering disciplines, especially software engineering. But teaching alone is not enough. Neptyne builds products that clear the barriers between manipulating data and writing code.

We're hiring

We’re a small team that is passionate about making programming work for everybody. Our engineers have built some of the most used software in the world. We’ve worked for FAANG companies and at startups. We believe that in order to fulfill our mission we need a team that includes all kinds of people. People that got into coding in whatever way. People who have been writing code for decades and people who just got started last year.

If you are passionate about programming and think that everybody should do it, come and join us. We’re based in New York but don’t think location matters all that much as long as we get together for a week every quarter.

Current Openings:

  • Software Engineer
  • Designer
  • Community Manager

If this feels like a team you would like to be part of and a product you’d like to work on, please email your resume to us at jobs@neptyne.com

Neptyne is making spreadsheets programmable.

We’re working hard on making our product ready for general use, but we’re not quite there yet. If you have a special use case or would like to get a demo, drop us a line. Or add your email to the list below and you’ll be the first to know when we open up to the wider public. Well, not the first, obviously other people might have filed in the form before you.