No Limitations

We all love building stuff in spreadsheets. But despite the near-infinite possibilities they offer, we all know you can’t build a whole application on top of a spreadsheet.

At some point, making formulas more complicated or adding unstable VBA macros just doesn’t scale. Neptyne does away with this limitation.

By leveraging the power of the Python ecosystem and artificial intelligence, it turns the spreadsheet into a true app development platform.

Introducing Neptyne

Python Powered

Neptyne is built on top of a powerful Python-based computation engine and gives you access to the full Python ecosystem. From the myriad ways of importing data, to statistical analysis code authored by top scientists, to the full set of visualizations of Jupyter notebooks, Neptyne gives your spreadsheet superpowers.

AI Assist

Python is an easy enough programming language to get started with, but if you feel a little unsure, Neptyne’s AI is here to help. Auto-complete any type of data? Check. Create formulas and complicated calculations? Yup. Generate code to import, process, and visualize data? Neptyne has your back!

Cloud Based

Neptyne lives in the cloud, so you can collaborate with your coworkers on code and spreadsheets in real time – and it can make publishing as simple as posting a link. This also means that your spreadsheet doesn’t stop working when you close your laptop. You can write apps that process data 24/7, that monitor the world continuously and alert you when something is happening.